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First album produced on the road in between Europe and New Caledonia with many great artists from all over the world

First album produced on the road in between Europe and New Caledonia with many great artists from all over the world: Miss Bridget Walsh (NZ), Rayna (Italia), The Sweet Life Society (Italia), Luca Scaggiante (UK), Mart One (France) and many artists from New Caledonia : Clem Cerneaux, Yann Uregeï “Ekoten”, Marie Laure Scheercousse, Manu Bideaux, Michel Acapandié and Mat Wush.

Back in 2014, I decide to leave Europe. In few months, I will go back to New Caledonia where I grew up. Summer 2014, I travel all over Europe, select ideas and share them with my friends, musicians and singers. I record on the road using a laptop, a soundcard and a single microphone. I spend some time in the french Alps with la Sherpa family and take time to think about the album concept while enjoying beautiful nature.
In September, I spend two weeks in Venezia with a music producer named Stabfinger. Within this time period I get a better idea of what I want for the album. I get to see how my friend works and get a lot of inspiration from him.

In december in fly back to New Caledonia after 16 years. The small country has changed a lot and music is everywhere : kaneka (local music), reggae, hip hop, electro … exciting!
In 2016, I settle in the countryside and become a music teacher in a small village. I work hard on the album and hopefully get a lot of inspiration from the kids at school. I spend a lot of time with my guitar into nature, composing and re-arraging some tunes. The album is nearly there, but not yet what’s on my mind.

Ultimately… 2017! I settle down in Nouméa and finish my album. I’m back again behind the desks and enjoy to select good music after few years off. I also work on bringing the album on stage.

I just wanted to say how amazingly good your album is. Really honestly I was surprised how much I loved it! It's very consistent but a unique sound. Unpretentious, good songs, diverse collection and it doesn't fall into a rut or repeat itself or use a formula. You did a really great piece of work. I think it is a bit special! Potential cult album I'd say if enough people turn on to it....

Nick Hollywood

Freshly Squeezed Records, UK

So many great jams and styles of vintage remix goodness! Can't wait to get a hold of the goods!

DJ Eliazar

DJ, Chicago

A myriad of styles, in an exquisite Vintage mixing pot of Soul, Blues and Swing influenced Disco and Hip Hop ... " , Melbourne AUS /


DJ & party organizer, Melbourne

Really impressed man, such a great listen. Until now I didn't hear beginning to end unbroken, but now! Simply great. It reminds me a lot of the things I used to DJ & listen at home, a lot of early inspirations in there. Super dope, I like it a lot! Top work maestro


DJ, Auckland

A holistic journey from beginning to end ...

Bob Katz

Mastering engineer, USA

If Jamie Berry, Kid Koala and Moontricks had a magical, musical child, you would get incontroL’s newest album, Lets Fall In Love. IncontroL’s music has such a raw, fresh and unique sound. If you’re hungry for some refreshing and tasty new beats, check this dudes Soundcloud page, from top to bottom its a delicious and delectable five course meal you won’t want to miss. Bon Appetite!


highkicksfacelicks.com, Canada


HighKicks & FaceLicks, A blog from Canada compares my music to Kid Koala 😮
Jack the cad, UK based blog specialized in Electro Swing & Vintage Remixes


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