Let’s fall in love Remixes

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A one hour album featuring 14 juicy remixes from the coolest Electro Swing, Vintage Remixes and Antique Beats producers amongst them Wolfgang Lohr, [email protected] in the [email protected], Stabfinger, Koyö, Extra Medium, Soundnomaden, Varrick Frost, Mack the producer, DJSE, Gin Schiller and many more …

« Funk, soul, swing and blues infuenced future bass, house and drum’n’bass Remixes »

Release date is set to 24th of October 2017 (digital only)


1. Swing or die Remix (Wolfgang Lohr, Germany)
2. My baby please Remix (Koyö, New Caledonia)
3. My mother is dead Remix (Stabfinger, Italy)
4. Brand new T-shirt Remix ([email protected] in the [email protected], UK)
5. My baby please Remix (Sound Nomaden, Germany)
6. My baby please Remix (Extra Medium, UK)
7. We, ourselves and us Remix (Varrick Frost, Germany)
8. Polkadot dress Remix (Dj SE, New Caledonia)
9. My baby please Remix (Yujin, Russia)
10. I miss you Remix (Mack the producer, Finland)
11. Where are you ? Remix (Red Oak and Kiwistar, France)
12. Let’s fall in love Remix (Kiwistar and Red Oak, France)
13. My mother is dead Remix (Zicotron and Dockerbone, Malta)
14. Where are you ? Remix (Gin Schiller, Germany)


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