I just wanted to say how amazingly good your album is. Really honestly I was surprised how much I loved it! It's very consistent but a unique sound. Unpretentious, good songs, diverse collection and it doesn't fall into a rut or repeat itself or use a formula. You did a really great piece of work. I think it is a bit special! Potential cult album I'd say if enough people turn on to it....

Nick Hollywood

Freshly Squeezed Records (UK)

Paris Combo Remixed

Vinyl or CD / iTunes / Spotify / Deezer https://open.spotify.com/album/3vyx1Vo9lOQ7ZvKfQAhpws

Let’s fall in love Album

First album produced on the road in between Europe and New Caledonia with many great artists from all over the world: Miss Bridget Walsh...

Let’s fall in love Remixes

A one hour album featuring 14 juicy remixes from the coolest Electro Swing, Vintage Remixes and Antique Beats producers amongst them Wolfgang Lohr, [email protected]

Skeewiff by Nature – The OPP Revue (incontroL Mashup)


breaking blues compilation

Pour une seconde fois, une de mes track apparait sur une compilation du Speakeasy Electro Swing Crew de Montréal : La Breaking Blues sélectionnée...

n°1 sur “nu blends”

Mon titre "calicago blues" est playlisté numéro 1 sur la compilation autrichienne "reloaded hip hop" par romano gemini.